Alhamdulillah....Nayati Moodliar dah ditemui

by - Thursday, May 03, 2012


tadi ecah bukak facebook, tgok ade certain party yg share pasal Nayati Moodliar yg hilang diculik minggu lepas dh ditemui semula....Alhamdulillah.....bersyukur sgt sbb die dah kembali kpd family die....

berita ni ecah tgok kt facebook..yang post gambar Nayati adalah ayah die sendiri Sham Moodliar....cume xde official statement lg dr mana2 pihak pemberita....hope cerita ni benar....sbb ayah die sndiri yg post..hope jugak account twitter Sham Moodliar tu betol lah..hehe

ni die gambar Nayati slps dijumpai...korang tgok la kt LINK NI..twitter ayah Nayati sendiri..

ni dari Galaxie Magazine Malaysia

Press Release :

We are delighted to tell you that Nayati is back home with us and although it has obviously been a very traumatic time for him he appears at this stage to be in good shape. We cannot begin to say how proud we are of him and the way that he has coped with the events of the past week.

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from all our friends here in Kuala Lumpur and all over the world. We are unable to find the words to express our gratitude but we will never forget what they did for us.

Even more surprising, because it was so unexpected, has been the support of people whom we have never met - and are never likely to meet – in countries as far away as Zambia and the USA, who have offered their time, skills and, in many cases, money, without any expectation of any form of compensation. We are so grateful for their help.

We also appreciate very much the tremendous practical and moral support we have received from the Netherlands Embassy and in particular the Ambassador, Mr Paul Bekkers. With his help we were able to surmount some “interesting” technical problems.

Finally we would like to express our gratitude to the Government of Malaysia, specifically the Royal Malaysian Police. Their number one priority from the start has been the safe return of Nayati and they have been most careful not to do anything that might have jeopardised his safety. We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our stay in this wonderful country.

As we are sure you will understand, Nayati’s kidnapping is the subject of an ongoing investigation so we are unfortunately not at liberty to reveal any of the details of the case at this stage.

There will be a press conference on Friday. Details to follow.
Thank you. - Moodliar Family

Semoga Nayati dpt menyembuhkan diri dr trauma safe


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