‘Marvel’s The Avengers

by - Friday, April 13, 2012

Hi Everyone! (^_^)

Have you heard of The Avengers? No? How could you! They are the most awaited movie of the year, i told you! But fear not, as I, 'The Charmer' will introduce you with my, yes......MY hero members. Oh wait, what? You didn't know me? owhh... *walk away*

Hah! As if I care! haha. Nevermind then, I will introduce myself to you. My name, and my ability as one of The Avengers. *drum roll*

I AM, THE CHARMER.......jeng. jeng. jeng.   (hey you back there! I know you're laughing! pay attention please ^_^)

Yes, The Charmer. And what did I do? 

Among all of us, I will be the first line confronting the enemy. As the other avengers fight, fly, and smash the evil enemy, I, The Charmer, yes..ehem2..I simply charm the enemy to confuse them and make them distracted with my beau.....err...not even close. Aha, yes...with my CUTENESS..hihihi..that is my weapons.

Why, doesn't it sound serious?? Hey, CUTENESS can distract people okayyy... As the kitty and the puppy..don't you feel pity of them? Don't you get distracted and then think about other pleasant thing? You do right?

And that, what I do. I distract them, make them think of anything else, and BOOM!!! the other avengers will take them down. As simple as that. *wink*

And yes, you know that my other team easily fight among themselves, the alllllwayss brawl about this and that. Hm. that is not good for our team right? And yes, here I am! To make peace among them. As I, The Charmer, will always charms people.

Hm, I am quite useful didn't I??? hehe

Owh, never saw me anywhere obliging my duty? here, here, I'll show you myself.


err..now i feel like Gilderoy Lockhart!

errr..not charm enough? If so, watch me in the movie la!!! THE AVENGERS!!!! 

pssttt...see if you can find me there! LOL

~The End~


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thanks Nuffnang for the tickets ( I mean, few tickets that i received before)

Till Then!

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