Nuffnang Preview of The Vow

by - Tuesday, March 13, 2012


wahhhh!!i am soooooo excited!ni kali pertama kot dpt mende2 mcm ni....especially from NUFFNANG!!waaa..seriously sgt2 eksited..

hari ni mcm poyo jek bukak emel tgok dpt invitation dr NUFFNANG..xtau nk jwb ape..pdhal kne RSPV dh ni...hehe...

first and foremost, thanks to NUFFNANG...cite nye cm biase la..NUFFNANG suh bg pendapat;  tell us in the most romantic way; what would you do if your lover had lost all memory of you?

errr..ecah tulis ape tah hari tu...siyes lupe..main bebel bla.bla.bla. pastu send...hahaha..pastu bile cari smule xtau dh..xde pon kt situ..adei..baru nk bace smule mende den tulis yg smpai dpt sgt tiket free..mesti lawok..hihi


dh jumpe!ni yg ecah jwb hr tu...hahaha


First of all, I pray HARD that none of these will happen to any of us. I can never imagine if all of memories from few years back gone just like that. But if it does happen. Here is what I going to do:

1- Make him know himself, his background, his family.

2- Introduce myself, what I used to be for him and how it started.

3- Show him our collected memories of few years together, just so he know that I am exist before. Let him trust that I am his lover before, but I won't force him to love me back now.

4- We started as friend, we can start it all over again. I'll make him fall in love with me again. If he can love me before, why not now? It just his memories gone, but not his heart. He sure must have the feeling of loving me. His heart must know how he love me before. I just have to trigger it back.

5- I leave it to God. I tried my best do what I am supposed to do. I just pray that he is fine and healthy. That's all.

I'm done. Thanks!

bile bace smule rase: eh,jiwang juge saye ni...haha..rase nye nk g kali pertama dpt mende mcm ni...ape salahnye try kn...hehe


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  1. merajuk dah dgn nuffnang..huhu...terus tak pasang iklan nuffnag dah...

    btw, thniah ecah..=)