ni BERSIH punye pasal la ni

by - Thursday, July 07, 2011


after office hour ended..i was walking back home as usual..then i realize that certain people who i passed by looking at me with a such fierce eye..i was thinking: "have i done something wrong"? "did something wrong with my cloth or shawl"? it was weird..i don't even know these people and they are looking at me like i did something to them..ape kes kn?

then, i looked back at everything i wonder laaaa...this was the reason:

what theee...???

ape?ingat aku bwk beg ni sebab BERSIH ke??ape pon CIMB AVIVA...nasib x kene tangkap ngn polis..dh la ddk kt kawasan perumahan PDRM, TULDM,ATMA segale kt cni..wahahaha..plawok..plawok


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